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Laser dentistry is a minimally invasive technique that utilizes lasers to perform a variety of dental procedures. It involves the use of a highly concentrated beam of light that can be used to remove or reshape tissue, whiten teeth, or treat gum disease. The procedure is often painless and can be completed quickly, without the need for anesthesia or traditional dental tools.

Laser dentistry is an effective treatment option for patients with periodontal disease because it can be used to target and remove the bacteria that cause the disease, without damaging healthy tissue. The laser is able to target the affected areas of the gum tissue and remove the bacteria that has accumulated in the pockets around the teeth.

During the laser treatment for periodontal disease, our dental professionals at Craft of Dentistry will use a special dental laser to remove the infected tissue, which allows the gums to reattach to the tooth roots. This process can help to reduce inflammation and swelling, and promote faster healing. Additionally, laser dentistry can stimulate the body’s natural healing response, which can help to promote the growth of new healthy tissue.

Illuminating Advantages

Explore the Transformative Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Swift, Painless Procedures

Experience the convenience of swift and painless dental procedures, as laser dentistry eliminates the need for traditional tools and anesthesia, providing a more comfortable patient experience.

Minimally Invasive Precision

Laser dentistry offers minimally invasive procedures, ensuring precise treatment with minimal discomfort or impact on surrounding tissues.

Targeted Periodontal Care

Laser dentistry excels in treating periodontal disease by precisely targeting and removing bacteria, fostering healthy gum reattachment and stimulating natural healing for optimal oral well-being.

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Laser Dentistry in South Austin

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I was a new patient and was treated like a king. I was in bad need of a molar extraction and the dentist and assistant stayed over to take care of me.
Chuck Williamson
I’m the nightmare patient for dentists. The staff was so kind and understanding with my anxiety. Patient when I showed up in tears. Never judged me for being a grown woman scared of the dentist. They took care of my teeth and the next time I find the courage to go to the dentist, this is where I’ll go. ♥️
Molly Goetzman
Staff is all so friendly and helpful! Wonderful experience with my cleaning and check up. I’m so glad I found them.
Janet Daum
The providers keep everything clean as well as themselves to keep patients safe. They did this before COVID-19 was the bug to avoid.
Julie Hertenberger
Personal muy amable, mi doctor muy profesional, la chica Alex que habla español es muy cordial también.
Jay S
My family and I have been going to doctor Lyon since we arrived to the central Texas area over 20 years ago. She has cared for all my children and now just me and my wife. There are no words to describe the professionalism of her office and the true warm friendly welcoming of her staff.
Jesse Herrera
I have had the best experience with Anne Lyon and the whole team. From cleaning, to a crown, cavities, and an implant - I always felt cared for and taken care of. Dr. Shvets has the best attitude and always takes his time to answer all my questions. I never leave the dentist happy and I do every-time I leave here!
Barbara Heine
Thank you Dr Shvets. 5++
Vladislav Tugolukov

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