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Bone Grafting

Dental implants offer both functional and aesthetic benefits for individuals who have experienced tooth loss. However, the success of the implant procedure relies on having sufficient healthy bone in the targeted area. This bone provides the necessary support and stability for the dental implant, ensuring a durable and reliable tooth replacement solution.

In cases where bone loss has occurred due to tooth extraction or prolonged tooth loss without replacement, a bone graft may be recommended. A bone graft procedure involves augmenting the existing healthy bone in the jaw and stimulating the regeneration of new bone tissue. This process helps restore and strengthen the jawbone structure, creating a solid foundation for the dental implant.

Once the bone graft has fully healed and the newly regenerated bone has developed, you will be ready to proceed with the dental implant placement. The implant will be securely anchored into the restored jawbone, providing a stable and long-lasting solution for tooth loss. Additionally, the presence of the dental implant helps prevent further resorption of the jawbone, preserving the overall structure and integrity of your oral health.

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